UltimateLove: Angry Nigerians grinds Theresa for calling Rosie fat

Nigerian has taken to their social media account and grinds theresa for calling Rosie fat.

This came after Theresa took to her Twitter account and claims that the organizers of just concluded TV reality show called ultimate love, deprived them of their first position.

Recall that Rosie and kachi emerged the winner of the show with prizes worth millions of naira.

Theresa at the other hand, emerged as the first runner up of the show with her boyfriend known as Iyke.

While Nigerian were still dragging the fact that Theresa insulted the organizers of the show for calling them cheat, Theresa again took to her Twitter account and call Rosie fat.

What Rosie and Theresa are dragging is what the general public is yet to dig out.

First, it was coming after them for emerging the winner of the show and now, Theresa is body shaming Rosie.

However, Rosie is still silent at the whole side stories. She is till playing her matured lady character.

Reacting to what Theresa said about Rosie, Twitter user known as CruiseQueenn tweeted and said, "You are calling Rosie fat, but terrestrial bf told her to buy estrogen so she can be thick , he even prescribed drug for her".

Still on that, another user known as @Nelomorah tweeted and said, " My dear, some bitter souls will NEVER mind their business. All fingers are not equal. Everybody must not be slim or skinny. For as long as she is fit and comfortable in her skin; most importantly her man adores everything about her, drinking her panadol won't cure them either."

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Honestly Theresa is seriously behaving so childish and indirectly destroy her Goodwin.

What do you have to say concerning Theresa's recent attitude.

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