Your brother in-law is your husband, if he make love to you, you have not cheated on your husband – Pastor Mrs. Veronica

A Nigerian pastor has taken to her social media account and educate ladies that their brother inlaw is their husband and if he makes love to them, they haven't not cheated on their husband.

The popular Pastor Mrs Veronica who recently declared that she can heal man of their infertility by simply going to bed with them has come again with another statement that is surely going to shake the internet once more.

The controversial Pastor said that if a woman sleeps with her husband’s brother that she has not cheated on her husband because the brother is still the husband’s lineage.

When advice like this come from clergy men and women, it leaves one surprise and confused as to whether to take the advise or not, though to the gullible, whatever comes from a self acclaimed minister is true.

See her post below;

The female minister said that in other for a wife to have something doing with her husband’s brother it means she still love and belongs to the family else she would have done it with an outside.

she said such an act is not classified as cheating because it is still within the family and they are one blood which explains why sometimes family members call their brother’s wives ‘our wife’, which means she belongs to everyone in the family.

In your own opinion, do you agree to what pastor Veronica said? If yes, kindly drop ur opinion below.

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