UltimateLove: Three things you need to know about Rosie, Chris and Sylvia

Frankly speaking, this ultimate love reality show won't be complete without mentioning, Rosie, Chris and Sylvia.

These three ladies made the show what it is today because of the high rate of humiliation and rejection they faced.

Let's take a close look at their life

1. Rosie was rejected by David after they already planned to be together and search for their ultimate love but David rejected her at the last minute without a single words.

Outside that David kept on nominating her to be out of thr show but she never for one day nominated David.

But what happened? God blessed her with a man called kachi that won't set his eyes of her. Kachi even went to the extend of accepting to be the father of all her children outside wedlock.

Surely this is the true definition of love.

2. Chris was rejected by Uche because of her age and that got people talking if being old is a barrier to love.

Recall that Rosie is older than kachi but it wasn't a barrier for them.

Have your ever been rejected in your presence? That feeling always make you to take a close look at yourself. You will start wondering if there is something wrong with you.

Chris displyaed high sense of maturity and even begged Uche to stay back but he refused.

Honestly, such behavior can't be linked to a truly African woman but she have to because she's a lady that knows what she want in life.

At the last stage when it was time for her to check out of the show, God blessed her with a man that won't stay a second without kissing her.

Although Chris and Chris Ville started as friend because graduating to lover but he never for one day allow Chris feel less a woman or important.

3. Sylvia practically begged for love at the national television with millions of views.

Jerry treated her as if she is the worst person on earth. Now look at slyvia's life, she is glowing day by day with Chidi.

Jerry judged Sylvia based on her past life which they didn't disclose to the viewers but from viewers understanding, it won't be more than hook-up or seeing her where he wasn't expecting her to be.

But the question still remain, what was Jerry also doing at the same place he saw slyvia that made him to be judging her like that?

Chidi was brought for slyvia and they started catching feelings for each other as if they have known themselves from ages.

Love is a beautiful things and it doesn't worth it when you are the wrong person.

Rosie, Chris and Sylvia was initially with the wrong set of men at the ultimate love reality show until God bless them with the right man and they started glowing daily without pretense or faking life.

These three ladies share similar things in common which are

1. They are strong both physically and emotionally

2. They are lovely, caring, beautiful and gorgeous.

3. They are blessed and have high sense of commitment.

Despite been rejected at the beginning of the show, behold they all made it to the final stage and all the men that rejected them, have all been evicted. Lolz!!!

Kindly use the comment box and drop your own observations about Rosie, Chris and Sylvia.

Indeed love is a beautiful thing

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