UltimateLove: "Rosie needs 3 days thanksgiving service for not ending up with David" - lady says

A Nigerian lady have taken to her social media account and announced that Rosie fans need 3 days thanksgiving service for not ending up with David.

It might interest you to know that Rosie and David are housemate at the new TV reality show called ultimate love.

Rosie was paired to Kachi to search for their ultimate love while David was paired with Presh for same purpose.

A twitter user identified as Daniella tweet and said, "Before Roksie wedding, we need to do a 3 day Thanksgiving service that Rosie didn't end up with David. So this is how we would have been defending foolish statements daily?? Defending rubbish with our chests?? Never" !

Here's what she shared

Recall that Rosie and David were love birds when the show started but the problem entered when Presh was introduced to the show.

David lost the endless love he promised Rosie and decided to work things out with Presh without informing Rosie of his decision.

Rosie, on the other hand, got to found out that things weren't as she planned on the very Sunday when they were paired together.

So far Rosie is doing fine with kachi and never for one day nominated David for possible eviction but David kept on nominating Rosie every Sunday.

Reacting to what Daniella tweeted, a Twitter user identified as Hass said she wasn't in support of Rosie and David today and she is very happy that such didn't happen.

Daniella replied Hass and said that, "I didn't watch the show the first week but I saw Rosie and David were like the ideal couple on social media then , it would have been more irritating if I witnessed it first hand and started seeing all these now" ..

Do your believe that Rosie need a 3 days Thanksgiving service for not ending up with David?

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