UltimateLove: Nigerians slam Arnold for describing Bolanle as a task in front of his ex

Nigerians has taken to their respective Twitter account and slam Arnold for describing Bolanle as a task in front of his ex last night.

Bolanle and Arnold are housemate at the new TV reality show, ultimate love. Both are paired together to search for their ultimate love.

Last night was a hot one for Bolanle and Arnold as the chief host of the ultimate love show decided to invite Arnold ex during the party.

Recall that every Friday, one of the housemate ex would be invited to the show to come and talk to them and see how they are doing. This is to know how their recent partners would handle the issue and also to strengthen their current relationship.

Last week friday was that of Iyke and Theresa and Bolanle was the person that said much things concerning the visit of Iyke ex not knowing this Friday would be her turn.

Yewande was invited to the show yesterday as the ex of Arnold to come see him and have small interaction.

During their conversations, Yewande was so matured enough not to include Bolanle to the conversation but Arnold kept hammering on issues with Bolanle to the extend of referring her as a task in the show.

Reacting to what Arnold said last night, Miss k said that she respect Arnold ex, she ddnt by any chance talk about bonanle but Arnold kept bringing her up n even saying she's a task gosh.

Nejeri tweeted and said, Arnold: This (Bolanle) is my task here. Listen, men will disgrace you! I'm utterly disgusted!

Do you think that what Arnold did last night was fair? Kindly use the comment box to drop your opinion.

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