UltimateLove: Nigerians react as Rosie insulted Kachi for not taking his bath

Nigerians have taken to their respective Twitter account and drag Rosie for insulting kachi for not taking his bath.

Recall that Rosie and kachi are housemates at the new TV reality show known as ultimate love. Both were paired together to search for their ultimate love.

This happened when kachi walked up to Rosie to hug her but Rosie refused the huge because kachi haven't taken his bath for the whole day.

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This made kachi to report Rosie to Bola.

Recall that few days ago, Rosie didn't take her bath for the whole day, she even contest for the makeup challenges with dirty body but never got a negative response from kachi.

Reacting to this recent development, fans of Rosie and kachi have dragged Rosie and lable her a woman with no respect and regards for men.

Few Twitter users were in the opinion that Rosie don't have any regard or respect for kachi despite all the love kachi showers on Rosie.

Twitter user identified as Missy tweeted and said, The other day Rosie ddn't take her bath whole day. She even cooked everyone's food and did the makeup task with dirty body but today she ridicules Kachi for not taking a bath and tells Bola that he is angry becos she told him not to hug her before he takes a bath. 

Annother Twitter user identified as Elizabeth tweeted and said, The lady is pissing me off, cos Kachi is keeping quiet. Who will marry a woman that has no respect, that ridicules her man and others anytime she feels like? Tell me. Now she has alot of enemies in the house cos she is too rude.

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