UltimateLove: Nigerians react as Obi and Ebi want to voluntarily check out this morning

Two housemates of the new TV reality show ultimate love have optioned to check our this morning.

Obi and Ebi who were paired together with the couples "Obiebi" to search for their ultimate love has optioned to check out after coming to a mutual agreement.

Few hour ago, Obi dropped a message for the chief host of the reality show popularly called Aunty and the message reads " good evening aunty, I am writing to inform you of my decision to voluntarily check out, I and my partner are in agreement. Thanks ma.

Here is the message

Recall that Obi and Ebi have been having seriously issues in their relationship lately and this is not the first time they had planned to check out.

Reacting to the recent development, a Twitter user identified as mado tweeted and said, I seriously don't blame these love guests for wanting to check out. Dating when there are limited resources.They have to cancel the whole show and go back to their drawing board. The show lacks creativity and this is not what happens in reality.

Honestly I don't feel Obi and Ebi should check out. They really need a whole lot to workout via their relationship and that house is the right place for them.

The outside world won't give them such opportunity to really work on that based on daily activities. Both are still strangers to each other. They need to understand some fundamental of love affairs.

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