UltimateLove: "Jerry is not into me, we are just acting" - Meriton says

Meriton have revealed that she's acting with Jerry just for the sake of the game.

Recall that Jerry and Meriton was paired with together to search for their ultimate love in the new TV reality show was called ultimate.

This evening while Meriton was discussing with Obi, Ebi and Rosie, she disclosed that Jerry is not into her and because of that she is playing along with him.

Meriton also added that, Jerry is acing because of the camera. How can a man not stand for you when you are on situation, Meriton added.

Meriton stated that she is just selling herself for the show and would get a man that would love her when she leave the house.

Ebi advised Meriton to protect herself and play her game so that people won't forget her when she leave the house.

Fan have reacted to the recent developments and advised fans of Jerry and Meriton to save their money.

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