UltimateLove: " I can't present Jay to my family" Nkechi says

Nkechi One of the housemate of the new TV reality show has confessed that she can't present his current partner to his family.

Nkechi and Jay are couples at the new TV reality show. Both were paired together to search for their ultimate love.

During a discussion, Nkechi out of no pressure stated that she can never present Jay to his family.

The reasons behind her statement is yet unknown as she didn't disclose it.

During that discussion, Presh also made a statement that David is not her standard as she has a brand.

So far, Nigerians have this assumption that nkechi and Jay were doing fine untill she made this statement and their fans are left with no other options than regretting ever wasting their money to vote for them.

Reacting to what Nkechi said, Ethel tweeted and said, she keep saying all of these LG are bbn messed up candidates... They're all here for fame...next time the organizers should choose people in their late thirties upward that are ready to settle down.

In your opinion, do you think that Jay is a bad person that Nkechi might not want to present him to his family?

Kindly use the comment box to drop your opinion.

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