"They think they are wise" Nigerian man tricks his children to enable them stay at home peacefully

A Nigerian man has taken to her social media account and state the new approach to adopted to enable his two stubborn children stay at home peacefully.

Sajerextmt who hail from Owerri took to his Instagram account and share amazing photos of his children dressed in school uniforms.

According to Sajere, his children have been disturbing him ever since the government restrict movements in other to contain the spread of Coronavirus virus.

He said he has to dress his children up with their school uniforms this morning, told them they are going to school and so far they have stayed calm.

Sajere added that his children have been inside the car since 7am in the morning and her home have been peaceful.

Here's what he shared

This is is funny because children always behave as if they are wise. However, this period won't be funny for mother because their children won't allow them to have peace at home.

Raging from scattering the house and destroying some of home items but I guess it's fine. It's better our children disturb our peacefully than suffering from the infectious virus.

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