Obi and Ebi might end up getting married, they are naive but genuine - Nigerian lady says

A twitter user have taken to her twitter account and dropped that obiebi might end up getting married after the ultimate love show.

Ultimate love TV reality show was lunched with the aim of establishimg ultimate love among the housemates.

The housemate are paired together to form couples, carryout activities together and at the end develop undying love for each other.

Obi and Ebi are housemate at the ultimate love show and both are paird together to search for the ultimate love with the couple name "ObiEbi".

Amaka as known on twitter, took to her account and tweet that she won't be surprise if obiebi end up getting married.

She stated that they might end up being the only couples out of the shoe to get married. they are naive but genuine, she added.

Here's what she tweeted:

Recall that last week, a twitter user also tweeted that obiebi relationship is very toxic and unhealthy.

This came after the couples exhibited childish behaviour by keeping marlice with Rosie and Kachi.

Other twitter fans are also complimenting ObiEbi recent behaviout now because they are more mature than before.

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