Man brutalize by his younger sister for being gay (graphic photos)

A South African man have been brutalized by his younger sister for being  gay.

Sivuyile Mtshemla as known on Twitter took to his twitter account to share photos and tweet on how the site abused him because of his lifestyle.

According to Mtshemla, he said that while his sister was beating him, she told him that he has no respect.

He also added that his sister called him a weak man for being  gay.

Here's what she shared

The tweet which was tweeted few hours ago, already has 1024 comments, 1094 retweet and 2273 like.

Reacting to his post, some Twitter user reacted that his sister should be arrested for such inhuman behavior.

Others were in thr opinion that he should stand up and fight like a man, rather then sitting and talking on Twitter.

They also highlight some steps to use and fight back. Read below

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