International Conferences For Gay, Lesbians, and Homosexuals to be help in Ghana

International conference for gays, lesbians and homosexuals to be held in Ghana

The Pan African wing of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) is scheduled to hold its fifth biennial regional conference in Accra, Ghana, hosted by the Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana (CEPEHRG). The theme for the conference is ‘SANKOFA: LOOKING BACK TO OUR ROOTS – RECLAIMING OUR RIGHTS’.

The choice of Ghana as host of the said Pan African ILGA on the back of the failed initial attempt by the Ministry of Education to introduce Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) into our schools and communities from the tender age of four and upwards cannot be a mere coincidence.

Furthermore, the recent decision by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to revise the earlier draft guidelines on CSE, taking out the community-based program from the national guidelines without a clear indication as to which Ministry/ Department/ Government Agency will be in charge of monitoring any community-based sexual education programs is frightening in the light of these developments (we shall come to this issue at another time).

It is becoming clear that there is, potentially, a conspiracy by some local and foreign actors to find a way to get CSE into the Ghanaian education system, at all costs. It is evident that their intention is to subtly influence social norms and views relating to sexuality in the country and ultimately to nudge our acceptance of sexual orientations and practices such as those espoused by the LGBTQI community. But not on our watch!

We want to voice our strong opposition to the hosting of the said Pan Africa-ILGA conference in Ghana with its associated deceptive theme and abuse of our cherished African traditional Sankofa symbol, and we call on Government to immediately take actions to prevent this event from disturbing our peace and stability and disingenuously re-defining our history.

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