Buhari Set to Ban Winner Chapel, Christ Embassy, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Others Over Coronavirus

The federal government will soon announce a ban on large gatherings in places such as churches and mosques.

Thousands of believers gather in churches such as the redeemed Christian Church, the daily chapel of the winners, while Islamic sects such as NASFAT also have many followers at their events.

State Minister for Health Adeleche Mamora said it was important for the government to ban religious gatherings or other gatherings with large numbers of people.

“So the principle of social distance must be respected. This is prevention or is recommended against gathering large numbers of people, starting with the national sports festival which is postponed.

“This also applies to religious events or other events where large numbers of people will be present. Not recommended at this time,” he added.

To ban high-risk flights, he said, “Yes, there will be further direction from the ministry if every situation regarding us is reviewed.

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