UltimateLove: "I was in abusive relationship for 12 years" - Rosie says

One of thr housemate of the newly introduced TV reality show known as ultimate love, just  disclosed that she was in abusive relationship for 12 years.

Rosie stated this during a conversation with fellow housemates after they had lunch.

According to Rosie, I was in abusive relationship for 12 years praying and hoping that he might turn around and be a good boyfriend to me.

At times, he do beat me up and lock me in the house for 4 days or more but I couldn't let him go simple because I was seriously in love with him and he happened to be my first boyfriend. 

I  couldn't complain to my friend because I also found out that he was sleeping with most of them. 

Rosie is among the housemates who ate currently searching for ultimate love. She's paid with a guy called kachi and both are doing great so far. 

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