UltimateLove: "don't waste your 8 weeks watching other people fall in love with, while you remain single" - Nigerian man says

A Nigeria man took to his twitter account and advise Nigerians not to waste their 8 good week watching ultimate love housemate fall in love while they remain single.

He also added that Nigerians should use their time wisely.

Ultimate love was created with the idea of allowing housemate fine that deep connection that might lead to everlasting love.

The show is where single men and women will be battling for love for months. 

They are main to live under the same roof and carrying out different task.

Aba first son as known on Twitter took to his handle and tweet:

'Don't waste the next 8 weeks watching other people fall in love, while you remain single!!!"

Use your time wisely.

 Here's what he shared:

Twitter users reacted to his tweet and here's what they said.

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