No Keke or Bike, No PPA - Lagos state Corp Members Cry Out

Currently, what residents of Lagos state are facing after the state government banned Keke and Bike is beyond what one can wish his or her enemies.

Imagine trekking a long distance just to meet up with office opening hour and trekking back home all in the name of avoiding been stocked on traffic yet no remedy to the situation so far.

Lagosians are tired of twitting about the frustrating moment and have decided to accept the ugly situation just to meet up with daily needs and wants of life.

Few days ago, President Buhari administration decided to put a smile on corp members face but its obvious Lagos state corp member are seriously not smiling. Lolzzzzz

Many have taken to their respective social media handles to exhibit their frustrations and how they are spending new monthly 33,000 allowances on transportation.

According to Oye Wole as known on twitter, "No Keke, No PPA. We can't be spending 33k on balm.

I thought all my fainting ended in camp, I never knew it was just a practice".

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