Nigerians reacts as Lia Mohammed says NTA can compete with CNN if they get $500M loan (see photos)

Nigeria have taken to their respective social media account and argue on the fact that Nigeria Television Authorities (NTA) can and would never compete with likes of Cabel News Network (CNN) even if $500m loan is been granted.

Recall at the early hour of today, Minister of information and culture, Lia Mohammed promised to turn around NTA for it to be able to compete with CNN if the loan of $500M the minster requested is approved.

However, Nigerians have reacted that NTA does not have such man power and technologies to compete with CNN.

Omojuwa as known on Twitter said, If Lai Mohammed wants NTA to compete with CNN, privatise it. CNN doesn’t belong to the American government. Unshackle NTA from Startimes, privatise it and focus on endeavours that directly lift Nigerians out of poverty. Enough of this jamboree style of governance!

Another Twitter user identified as uncle ajala tweeted and said, Lai Mohammed requested for $500M loan from the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign loans, because he's trying to turn NTA to CNN. $500m is over 170 billion Naira, EFCC should probe Lai Mohammed for even having that thought.

In your own opinion, do you think NTA can compete with CNN if the $500M loan is been approved?

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