"I am broken, I am sad, I am angry, I feel like a failure" - lady cries out in pains

A South African lady havd taken to her twitter accounts to cry out in pains about what she is facing currently in life.

The lady identified as Palesa, said she is angry, sad, alone and also feel like a failure because life haven't been fair to her.

Palesa also said that she have been unemployed for three years, applying daily but no organization have called her so far.

She also added that she haven't been able to do anything for herself and always relying on her mother for everything.

Palesa stated that she always feels like taking her own life but deep inside, she desires to live.

Here's what she shared:

Reacting to her tweet, a Twitter user identified Dr Phils advice her to continue to fight, otherwise all the efforts she have out in place for years would be all in vain.

Other also rained words of encouragement on her so as to keep her going in life and patiently wait for the day life would remember her.

Read few tweets below:

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