Here's what Actress Joyce Kalu has to say about celebrating people when they are dead

Nollywood actress, Joyce Kalu shade tears and she talks about celebrating people when they are dead.

Joyce Kalu took to her Instagram account and drop the video with tears in her as bse poured out her heart.

In the video she advise people to do thing that will please God.

Joyce Kalu said, we should learn to stop celebrating people only when they are dead and gone.

She added that when people are not feeling fine or in any state that's not natural, we should learn to pay them a visit, sit and talk to them rather then waiting for when they are dead to come and donate money and lot of material things.

Materials things are nothing in this life but a word from your mouth can go along way to heal someone, Kalu added.

Kalu also stated that when people are facing challenges, we should invest in their life and show the real love Jesus talked about rather than going to churches daily.

Visit her official page on Instagram to watch the video.

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