Abacha is the trashiest food in the history of Nigeria - Nigeria man says

Lola okunri as known on social media has taken to his twitter handle to call one of the special food Igbo people are known for a trashiest food.

Lola said that African salad popularly known as Abacha is one of the most trashiest food in history of Nigeria food.

He also added that even the god doesn't have the mindset of mixing junke together all in the name of eating.

According to what he tweeted, he said " Abacha has to be the trashiest food in the history of Nigeria foods. Even the God won't just mix junke together in the name of eating".

Here's what he posted

His post attracted lot of comments from Twitter users and many were in the opinion that Abacha contained the 6 classes of food.

What do u have to say?

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