I give myself the best orgasm with my sex toys that don't cheat - Amara Maduka

Amara Maduka disclosed that she is dating herself while revealing how she takes care of her sexual urge as a single lady, in an interview she granted.

The curvy Nollywood actress said she gives herself the best orgasm with her sex toys that do not cheat on her or give any drama and are completely loyal. Amara told Sunnewsonline;

“I wouldn’t say I’m single. I’m simply self-dating. I take myself out, buy myself good stuff, spoil myself and, of course, give myself the best orgasm. Yes, I use sex toys. They save lives. You should try it. They are so loyal to you. They don’t give you drama. You don’t share them with others. They don’t cheat too!"

“They are the best. I don’t worry I would get addicted to them because personally nothing has control over me. I can dump it in a heartbeat if I want to. I use it; it doesn’t use me. I can do without sex. Good sex is great but then, e no be food.When the time comes to dump them, I know how to go about it,” she said.

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