Nigerian doctor introduces ‘Doctor-on-demand’ App

ARE you thinking about health or its attendant difficulties in Nigeria?

Not to worry, a young medical doctor, Jay Chikezie, has come up with Tremendoc App, a ‘Doctor-on-demand’ application designed to avail busy Nigerians instant access to quality medicare.

The App, conceived to revolutionise the health sector in the country, is set to meet the demand of busy Nigerians, who are always on the move and are hardly able to afford the long queue hours in hospitals.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos, recently, the founder, who is also the Co-founder of Nairabox, stated that the new app is designed to provide a convenient and affordable avenue for users to access licensed doctors one-on-one at any time of the day via audio/video calls or texts.

He said: “Tremendoc is not only a healthier life just an app away, but doctors will also have a convenient avenue to consult,” adding that the app “will provide quality healthcare literally at fingertips.”

Citing a statistics by the World Health Organisation (WHO) released earlier in the year, which states that there are four medical doctors to every 10,000 Nigerians, Chikezie explained that there is a yearning gap in the sector, arguing that more than 40,000 of Nigeria’s 75,000 registered medical doctors are practising outside the country, while 70% of those in the country are either unemployed or have taken up side jobs to survive.

With a population of about 200million, Chikezie said the doctor to patient ration is alarmingly low, stating categorically that, “Tremendoc is (therefore) the best solution to Nigeria’s healthcare issue. It is fast, affordable and super convenient; literally as convenient as chatting with friends on social media.

“I felt it was important to create and promote this app to improve the landscape of the country’s health sector and create a better and healthier Nigeria.” he explained.

Also speaking at the event, actress/philanthropist and brand ambassador of the application, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, stated that quick access to early and proper diagnosis, such as Tremendoc App will be providing, would have prevented the tragic loss of her sister and her unborn baby a few years back.

“After dealing with the traumatic experience of losing my sister, I knew that something has to change in Nigeria’s healthcare system. That’s why I’m also on board with the release of the Tremendoc App. It could have helped my sister and so many other lives across Nigeria,” she submitted.

Tremendoc application can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store on your phones, with first-time users having the benefit of a free 30-day trial that gives them access to licensed doctors, through video or audio call and chat.

Source: The Nation 

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