Why Price of Crayfish Increased by 50%

 Why Price Crayfish Increased by 50%

The Price of crayfish has increased by 50 per cent in some major markets in Enugu State.

A market survey conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria in Enugu on Saturday shows that the price of the product increased due to the rainy season.

A dealer of the product at Ogbete Main Market, Mr. Samuel Alekeozor said that the product was always very scarce at the climax of rainy season.
Alekeozor said that the river was always high at this period of the year thereby making it difficult and dangerous to get the product especially in Oron, Akwa Ibom where they got the best specie of the product.

A buyer, Mrs. Nkechi Onoh said that she just bought a bag at N90,000 as against N45,000 she bought in May.

A seller, Mr Nicholas Ogbuke said that a 50kg bag is sold at between N90,000 and N95,000 depending on the specie as against N45,000 and N50,000 sold in April and May.

Ogbuke said that a paint bucket of crayfish is sold between N3,700 and N4,000 depending on the specie as against N1,800 and N2,000 sold in May.

He said that the price would continue to rise as the rains got heavier.

A buyer, Mrs Nkechi Onoh said she bought a big bag of crayfish for N45,000 in May but the same bag was now sold at N90,000.

Onoh said she came to buy for her colleagues in her office but could not buy as they contributed N55,000 to buy and share.

”l have to return the money to them because it is too expensive for civil servants like us,” she said.

Another buyer at Artisan market, Mrs. Monica Ngene attributed the high cost to artificial scarcity, saying that the price was high because of the announcement on the new minimum wage by the federal government.

Ngene said that civil servants had not started receiving the minimum wage as prices of almost everything in the market had gone up.

She urged the governments at all level to start implementing the minimum wage so that people could measure up with the high cost of things in the market.

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