Why God Made Buhari Nigeria’s President – Pastor

 Why God Made Buhari Nigeria’s President – Pastor

God gave President Muhammadu Buhari  Nigeria’s leadership power because the country has deviated from His ways, according to Pastor Adewale Giwa.

 Pastor Giwa heads the Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Gospel Church.

In a statement on Saturday, the clergyman likened Buhari to the biblical king Eglon who God supported to maltreat the people of Israel.

He, however, expressed optimism that there will be a turnaround for the country.

“I want to tell Nigerians that President Buhari is just like Eglon king of Moab whose God gave power to defeat the people of Israel,” the statement added.

“This king, thereafter, set up his throne in Jericho, the city of Palm trees. The Lord deliberately gave Eglon power over Israel because they had moved away from God.

“Do not forget that the city of Jericho was the enemy’s stronghold that God had miraculously conquered for Israel.

“The defeat of Jericho opened up the whole central portion of the promised land for Israel. No one could ever believe that Jericho could come under enemy control.”

According to him, “Jericho fell into enemy hands again because the people of Israel had disobeyed God.

“King Eglon chose to keep Israel in a subservient position like what we are currently witnessing in Nigeria.

“Moab forced the people of Israel to be paying tribute rather than just annihilating them.

“God’s people should not be subservient and paying tribute to a Pagan enemy in the very land that God had earlier given to His people.

“We need to serve God diligently and pray for someone like Ehud who delivered the people of Israel from king Eglon.

“I urge Nigerians to seek God now. There is power in unity, and I believe if we all work in faith, this Jericho will be defeated.”

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