Free GMAT Official Guide As 2018 Batch B Stream 2 POP Gift – Grab Yours Here

 Free GMAT Official Guide As 2018 Batch B Stream 1 POP Gift – Grab Yours Here

We say a very big congratulations to all 2018 Batch B Stream  1 that passed out today from the One Year National Youth Service (NYSC) scheme. want to use this opportunity to wish you all the best in the labour market. But before that, we want to urge you guys to do the best within your ability to get a job and keep up. Life after NYSC is very challenging.

In that spirit, we are giving out free GMAT Official Guide to aid you in your job hunting. I know most of you might be asking what is GMAT? Read below

What Is the GMAT Exam? 

The Graduate Management Admission Test  (GMAT) exam is a standardized exam used in admissions decisions by more than 6,500 graduate management programs worldwide. It helps you gauge, and demonstrate to schools, your academic potential for success in graduate-level management studies. 

The four‐part exam measures your Analytical Writing, Verbal, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning skills—higher‐order reasoning skills that management faculty worldwide have identified as important for incoming students to have.

“Higher-order” reasoning skills involve complex judgments and include critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. Unlike undergraduate grades and curricula, which vary in their meaning across regions and institutions, your GMAT scores provide a standardized, statistically valid and reliable measure of how you are likely to perform academically in the core curriculum of a graduate management program. Th e GMAT exam’s validity, fairness, and value in admissions have been well‐established through numerous academic studies. 

In other to obtain this GMAT, all you have to do is to drop your email address as a comment and will forward it to you immediately as a POP gift from

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Umahi Innocent Osita

Below is the screenshot of GMAT

 Free GMAT Official Guide As 2018 Batch B Stream 1 POP Gift – Grab Yours Here


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    1. That's our little means of congratulating them and also wish them all the best. Just yesterday, we discovered that good percent of them are not aware of the GMAT. Thanks for dropping a comment, we appreciate.