5 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship - By Sinach

 5 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship - By Sinach

Ironically the reason why many relationships last is the same reason many fails.  Communication.  Being able to express your needs and wants while also hearing what your partner desires and acting on it can be a challenge for any relationship.  It’s important for your partner and you to communicate freely with no hesitation and it’s better to talk about things you want your partner to know rather than keeping it from them. 

Here are 5 ways to help improve the communication flow in your relationship:

1-Spend More Time Together Daily:

It means make time for your partner and put aside other things you want to do, People want to feel important and this is the one simple step to show your partner how important He is for you. Watching TV is not count as spending time. going out on a date night is one of the popular ones, you have time to talk about your week or ask your partner to support you in some situations you may need help( emotionally, mentally, on things you want to achieve  ).

2- Understand Your Partner:

In any communication between two people, it’s important to let your partner know that you respect his opinion. Just know that relationships are 50-50 You cannot blame your partner for everything or look down on your partner, or make him look less important or otherwise. Be open to his opinion and let your partner talk.

3- Don’t Assume:

Assumption is the killer of communication, Don’t make assumption especially in a serious relationship. Having a conclusion without discussing it with your partner is one big mistake. You never know what was in your partner’s mind unless you have a brief talk about it or give him a chance to explain things

4- Honesty:

Honesty is an important key in communications and relationships. Be honest and straightforward; Speak your mind and let your partner know what is going on. It’s better to discuss everything before making any decisions rather than having problems later because you didn’t say exactly what you wanted, relationship and sex-mate are so different. Be specific. Relationship or flings, sex-mate, chop and clean mouth, salee wa gba 😂

5- Don’t always discuss issues on the phone, one on one is the best

Don't always text or chat your partner to discuss things that are important for you. Face to face communications are the best, use a private room and sit with your partner to talk. Using mobile-phone and internet just put you in some situations which you don’t have control over it, If you are seeking for answers to your problems it’s better to do it face to face

Don't always rush to Facebook to express your displeasure or your anger to issues between you and your partner

Don't always use anger to text or chat your partner cause no issues that can't be solved, is all about understanding
Make your relationship worthy of emulation and envy

               By SINACH

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