Men Are The Reason For Broken Families - Yvonne Nelson

  Men Are The Reason For Broken Families - Yvonne Nelson

Popular Ghana Actress Yvonne Nelson said that men are the major reason why kids have broken families and her advice is that if they cannot be responsible, they should zip up.

The Ghanian Dive said this while reacting to the celebration of father’s day and jubilation.

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It might interest you to now to that Yvonne has a daughter with British photographer Jamie Roberts who has already been through two failed marriages according to her.

She wrote

“To the men, if you aren’t TRULY ready to be in a child’s life, F*cking protect yourselves, you are the reason for so many broken families and kids out there! A man’s world??? Today isn’t your day if you haven’t put in any work!”

A follower tweeted in response by bringing to her attention an allegation that she is a homewrecker.

“All these rants aren’t necessary my dear. Remember that you @yvonnenelsongh have been tagged by some people as a home wrecker…It is alleged that you have a kid with a married man against all odds. Yet we still deem you worthy of being celebrated on mothers day. Give men a break”.

In her reply she says: “Correction, his 2nd marriage was wrecked/over before i met him, hes on instagram….go ask him. He replies his comments”.

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