Lagos Residents Forces Suspected Kidnapper to Drinking 'Sniper Mixed With Cement'

  Lagos Residents Forces Suspected Kidnapper to Drinking 'Sniper Mixed With Cement'

Lagos police have on Friday save a suspected kidnapper from taking sniper and mixed cement.

It was reported that angry resident of Otto in the Ebute Meta area of Lagos apprehended the suspected kidnapper with a five-year-old girl but could not explain how he came about her during interrogation.

The angry residents added that they brought sniper and mixed for him to take as a means of punishment.

According to the local security guard in the area identified as Agbodemu Ishola, added that if not for the quick intervention of the police, the resident would have forced the suspected kidnapper to drink the sniper and cement.

“some of the residents nabbed a young man who was with a five-year-old girl. He was a strange face in the community as nobody could say he or she knew him. When we interrogated him, he was not giving convincing responses. 

“He didn’t even know the girl before but he was seen playing with her. One of the residents raised the alarm and in few minutes, a mammoth crowd surrounded him. Of course, I am sure you know how populated Otto is.

“We immediately called the security operatives, but before they came, some of the residents insisted on jungle justice but we had to stop them. Even the intervention and pleas from the Otto chiefs failed. When the security operatives came in about six patrol vehicles, the crowd kept shouting and throwing weapons. After much persuasion from Area C Commander, they relaxed.”

It was also gathered that after due contact was made, The Public Relation officer of Lagos State Command, Elkana Bala, said he had not been briefed about the incident.

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