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Friday, May 10, 2019

Yahoo Boys and Ritualists Adopts New Approach - Read here

 Yahoo Boys and Ritualists Adopts New Approach - Read here

Yahoo Boys and ritualist in my Area have adopted a new Approach.

They throw Money into your compound at night, when you wake up, you see the money squeezed if you pick the MONEY that will be YOUR undoing.

I have noticed different denomination of the Naira each time I step out of my door to see them at different parts of my compound.

This is their new strategy. It has been reported in my neighbourhood that a woman died some days ago after picking up #200 on her premises.

Let's be careful, spread this news to your Children, they should be mindful.

Don't Pick money you have no idea of.

This is their New Pattern of  Blood

Please don't keep this important message, share and save a life

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  1. They are ritualists, not Yahoo boys. Please let's be guided. Don't send wrong message to people out there. Yahoo boys dey collect holy communion. Ritualist no fit try am. Once again, please be guided

  2. Nawa for all these Guys ooooooo

  3. The world now is full of evil people staying in our communities. And everyone should be careful. Parents must advise their children also. Thanks.


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