I make N3.6m annual profit from selling hard drugs - Suspect

 I make N3.6m annual profit from selling hard drugs - Suspect

Operatives of the Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have arrested two suspected hard drugs peddlers in the Alausa community of Ikeja, Lagos.

The suspects, Olukoya Ayodele, 26, and Victor Godwin, 30, were arrested following an intelligence gathering by officers of the Decoy team of the RRS, who were mandated to uncover illicit drugs being distributed in the area.

The suspects in their confessional statement told the police that they buy and hawk different types of had drugs such as Indian Hemp, Skunk, Tramadol, Refnol, Diazal and other assorted hard drugs to factory workers in the area.

Ayodele, an acclaimed graduate of Information Management and a notorious member of Aye cult group, was arrested with charms which he claimed he used in protecting himself from the harm of other rival cult members back then in his days as a student.

The suspect said: "I came to Lagos after I graduated in 2015 in search for greener pastures to come and work as a factory worker but the work was too stressful for me.

I later began to work as a motor boy in the same area and added drug peddling to it to augment the low income from the motor boy hustle. I make over N3.6m annually from the sale of hard drugs and have been in the business for three years now.

The charms also helped me to transact my business and prevented me from getting caught by security operatives as the charm shielded me from various arrests that had been carried out in the area even when I was a bad boy.”

On his part, Victor, a boutique owner in the area, was caught with hard drugs which he claimed he used in supplementing his income from the boutique business.

Victor claimed he has been in the business for some time now and that he has been using the proceeds from the illicit business to pay his rents and that he was planning to get married soon, which he believed his boutique income could not take care of. “Drug business is a lucrative one because it helps make ‘sharp sharp’ money, but I regret my involvement in the illegal business,” Victor said.

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  1. So what is the difference between selling of paints and hard drugs?