Two friends badly burnt, as car rams into an electric pole

On Easter Sunday, two friends were badly burnt when their car rammed into an electric pole and somersaulted several times before it was engulfed in flame. 

According to an eyewitness, the accident occurred on the Berger bridge flyover when the Toyota Corolla car with two male occupants rammed into an electric pole and lost control in the process before bursting into flame.

It was gathered that the vehicle was on high speed, which made the impact so devastating that the occupants suffered severe burns.

One of the occupants who suffered minor injuries was said to have been flung out of the vehicle in the process. Passersby were said to have made frantic efforts to rescue the second person, who was still trapped in the car, as they battled the fire with fire extinguishers. The fire defied all efforts to extinguish it as a result of its magnitude. 

When the fire was completely put out, the occupant had suffered serious injuries and was burnt all over his body. He was later rescued alive and taken to the hospital.

Many people blamed the driver for the accident, saying that the impact would have been minimal if he was not on high speed.

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