EFCC Chairman Advocates Value Re-orientation For Nigeria Youths

 EFCC Chairman Advocates Value Re-orientation For Nigeria Youths

The Acting Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, has bemoaned the increasing rate of criminal activities among youths in the country.

He said most financial crimes in Nigeria are being perpetrated by young people who delve into cyber crimes.

He added that some bank officials also collude with corrupt public officers to launder stolen funds.

Magu disclosed this today in his keynote address during Leadership and Anti-Corruption Sensitisation Workshop held at NYSC National Directorate Headquarters, Maitama, Abuja.

Speaking on the topic, "The Role of Value Re-Orientation in the fight Against Economic and Financial Crimes", Magu, who was represented by the Director, Public Affairs in EFCC, Mr Osita Nwajah, stated that due to the rate of financial crimes, Nigeria is seen as a den of tricksters where genuine entrepreneurs are viewed with suspicion by foreigners.

He said due to increasing unemployment among graduate youths, financial crimes especially advance free fraud and cyber crimes have become avenues to earn a living by some youths.

"Nigeria at a point in its history was unable to attract foreign direct investment because of the trust-deficit dilemma brought upon the nation by fraudsters".

"The demographics of advance fee and internet fraud suspects comprise mostly of young people from age 18 to 30 who are undergraduates and operates from tertiary institutions across the country", Magu said.

The Acting Chairman added that ineffective leadership is the bane of misplaced values which breeds other challenges that stifle progress.

He posited that moral values which should act as stabilizing factor for robust leadership and compass to galvanize the nation towards sustainable development have been eroded in the mindless pursuit of selfish personal interest at the expense of public good.

"Many in my generation and others before us who had the privilege of leading this country performed below expectations", he stated.

Magu called on Nigerians to embrace value re-orientation that involves all agents of socialization especially the family, schools, community and religious bodies. He appealed to parents to teach their children strong moral values from the cradle and remain intolerant of actions that contradict good morals.

"Rogues should not be celebrated and offered positions in the front pew at churches and mosques. It's about time that clerics ask questions about what their flocks do for a living before accepting Mega tithes and offerings from them", Ibrahim Magu added.