19-year old Joshua Litza faces 7 years jail term for starving cows

 19-year old Joshua Litza faces 7 years jail term for starving cows

Joshua Litza, a Wisconsin man is likely to serve up to seven and a half years in prison if convicted on animal cruelty charges after police found four dead cows on his farm and other emaciated animals with bones jutting from their flanks. 

Litza, 19, is set to appear in court on April 8 after he was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of intentionally failing to provide food to animals and four counts of failing to timely dispose of an animal carcass after officials say he neglected his father’s cattle that he was supposed to be tending to. 

According to The Wausau Daily Herald, a Marathon County sheriff’s deputy was responding to a call of cattle blocking a roadway in the town of Norrie. Once there, the officer reportedly noticed that some of the cows were so thin that their bones were protruding.  He also discovered four carcasses of dead cows.

Authorities eventually found out that the animals belonged to Litza, who was supposed to be caring for them while his father, 57-year-old John Litza, was away. The complaint stated that Litza told officers he fed the cows but an investigation of the farm did not show “any recent signs of feeding or watering.”

Litza had been charged in September with three counts of possession of child pornography and three counts of exposing a child to harmful materials.

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