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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Boko Haram top commander killed

Boko Haram top commander killed

The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has neutralised a Boko Haram commander, Malloum Moussa and 15 of his foot soldiers during a clearance operation on Lake Chad Island.

According to a statement by Col. Timothy Antigha, the spokesman of the task force on Sunday, troops destroyed five gun trucks belonging to the terrorists during the operation.

He said the troops also arrested a woman whose relationship with the terrorists is yet to be determined.

Antigha said intelligence revealed that Moussa who had one eye was a high ranking Boko Haram commander who has jurisdiction in the entire Southern island, including Daban Masara, Kirta Wulgo and Koleram.

“He was notorious for imposing hefty levies on farmers, fishermen and cattle herders to fund Boko Haram terrorism and insurgency in the locality,” he said.

Source: Dailypost
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What Tinubu failed to tell Buhari – Peter Obi

  What Tinubu failed to tell Buhari – Peter Obi

The Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the February 23 presidential election, Mr. Peter Obi, has described as gratifying, the recent warning of All Progressives Congress, APC, leader, Bola Ahmad Tinubu, against the removal of Value Added Tax otherwise called VAT.

Obi said that Tinubu’s warning which makes economic sense given the situation in the country was at variance with that of his party and goes to underscore the uncoordinated campaign they dished out to Nigerians.

The VP candidate said in a statement from his media office on Sunday that the position of the PDP and the presidential candidate which was made loud and clear during the electioneering is that tax must be relaxed to act as incentive to investors.

Obi insisted that the right way to go to shape up the economy given the magnitude of unemployment in the country is to have an attractive economic policy that will be inviting to entrepreneurs and investors.

He stated that APC’s earlier stance of increasing tax, VAT inclusive shows the height of insensitivity of a government that careless about the plight of the populace.

Obi said that Tinubu’s warning is good but he should have been humble enough to credit to the opposition party instead of making it feel as if it has been the position of the party.

“It’s extremely unrealistic for anybody to think of growing the economy of this country, and creating jobs just by increasing tax, it’s too a simplistic approach”, he noted.

The former Anambra State Governor said that he hopes that Tinubu would go further also to advice his party to embrace restructuring as that is the only option left to move this country forward.

“Anybody thinking that this country will work without tinkering with the political and economic structure is deceiving himself because no nation grows on injustice”, he added.

Obi furtehr described as unfortunate the fact that Nigeria with all her potentials is among the three African countries according Pew Research Center Where 45% of the adult population are desiring to leave the country.

Source: Dailypost

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19-year old Joshua Litza faces 7 years jail term for starving cows

 19-year old Joshua Litza faces 7 years jail term for starving cows

Joshua Litza, a Wisconsin man is likely to serve up to seven and a half years in prison if convicted on animal cruelty charges after police found four dead cows on his farm and other emaciated animals with bones jutting from their flanks. 

Litza, 19, is set to appear in court on April 8 after he was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of intentionally failing to provide food to animals and four counts of failing to timely dispose of an animal carcass after officials say he neglected his father’s cattle that he was supposed to be tending to. 

According to The Wausau Daily Herald, a Marathon County sheriff’s deputy was responding to a call of cattle blocking a roadway in the town of Norrie. Once there, the officer reportedly noticed that some of the cows were so thin that their bones were protruding.  He also discovered four carcasses of dead cows.

Authorities eventually found out that the animals belonged to Litza, who was supposed to be caring for them while his father, 57-year-old John Litza, was away. The complaint stated that Litza told officers he fed the cows but an investigation of the farm did not show “any recent signs of feeding or watering.”

Litza had been charged in September with three counts of possession of child pornography and three counts of exposing a child to harmful materials.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Check out Induction Photos of First Year Students of Theater Arts Department in UNIZIK

 Check out Induction Photos of First Year Students of Theater Arts Department in UNIZIK

This was the INDUCTION of the first year students of the Theatre Arts Department of Unizik, done in the rituals of an INITIATION.

Do you think with such pictures, an African parent would still be comfortable with his/her child in such a department?

More Photos below:

 Check out Induction Photos of First Year Students of Theater Arts Department in UNIZIK

 Check out Induction Photos of First Year Students of Theater Arts Department in UNIZIK

 Check out Induction Photos of First Year Students of Theater Arts Department in UNIZIK

 Check out Induction Photos of First Year Students of Theater Arts Department in UNIZIK

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Help seek justice for Baby Michelle - Read Here

 Help seek justice for Baby Michelle - Read Here

Michelle Onoja was a 6months old baby and the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Onoja before her gruesome murder on the 11th January 2019 by staffs of Britmax international School Lokogoma Abuja. She was registered in the daycare facility of britmax international school which is located at Jubilation bethel estate,lokogoma Abuja a stone throw from their residence within the same estate.

In the morning on the 11th January 2019, at about 8am, baby Michelle Enenu onoja was dropped at the daycare facility (creche) in britmax international school and left for her place of work. At the time of dropping her, there was nothing wrong with her as she was hale and hearty. At about 2:18pm, the mother called the nanny taking over from the first caregiver of the kids at school to know their welfare so she can go and pick them, she didn't pick the call.

The mother then received a call at 2:19 pm from the school secretary's number which is a woman but was called and heard the voice of a man telling her to come to the school. She immediately got to the school which is less than a minute drive from her house, 3houses away from her house in the estate. When she got there, she saw about 5 women and 2 praying over Michelle in the bed and asked what the matter was but nobody was giving her any response.

When Mummy Michelle carried her, she noticed blood stains on her nose and food particles around her hair and nostrils. She became seriously agitated and wondered what could have resulted to the blood stains on her daughter's body but She tried sucking out whatever was the blockage but realized that the best thing was to rush her to the hospital.

At the point of entering the car, one of the persons around whom she later understood was the school accountant made a remark that is it not hospital they just returned from, she was shocked and asked him “what did you say “ and he refused to speak further, on hearing this it dawned on the mother that the school had earlier taken her daughter to the hospital without her knowledge or information.yet none of the other people around could tell her anything, she even asked the nanny what happened, she didn't say a word and was told not to say anything to the mother. When asked about the teacher, they replied that had already left the school to the police station, even before the mother knew her child was dead.

On getting to federal medical center Jabi Abuja, Baby Michelle was immediately received at the emergency unit and the doctors attended to her immediately but to no avail. He remarked that the baby would have been saved if brought in earlier.

Following the circumstances surrounding her death, she lodged a complaint at the divisional police station Apo, and the IPO M.r Arome was detailed to investigate the matter. Based on the blood stains the mom advised the police to demand a preview of the CCTV to enable the police to unravel the circumstances surrounding the mystery of her daughter. To our greatest surprise, when Mr arome demanded the CCTV on 12th January 2019 he was told that the camera has been wiped out. This information further increased the parent's suspicion that their daughter may have been killed by the school without justification. The parents sought to know if the school had any medical personnel in its employment only to be told there is none.not even first aid kits were available at the time this incidence occurred.
Since the IPO could not access the CCTV the patents decided an autopsy be conducted on Michelle to unravel the true cause of her death.

Which the IPO and parents proceeded to FMC Jabi and paid 250,000 for autopsy test. Before the test result came out on the 23rd of January 2019, the parents were informed that some officials of the school had made some attempts to compromise the result of the autopsy but it was resisted by the hospital.

Consequently, when the result came out,it was discovered that both blood and feeds were oozing out of the mouth and nose of Michelle. The result also indicated that baby Michelle died as a result of asphyxiation.

Alarmed by this result, the parents demanded a full-scale investigation from the police with a view to bringing any culprit who is connected to the gruesome murder of baby Michelle to justice. Rather than commence a full and proper investigation into the matter, Mr arome suddenly lost interest in the matter and has since then been pleading that we forgive and forget about this matter.

when the parents insisted on pursuing the matter to a logical conclusion, Mr arome started feigning been busy and not giving attention to the matter.

The parents are seriously traumatized by the sudden turn of events in relation to the murder of their daughter.

Observations and concerns are as follows:

1. What led to the blood stains on Michelle’s nostrils and hair.

2. Why as baby Michelle kept all alone in a classroom by herself without supervision, no body in the class.

3. Why were the parents not contacted by the school before their daughter was taken to the hospital even when the distance between the school and house is less than a minute drive, why was the mother not called.

4. The circumstances surrounding the sudden disappearance of the CCTV footage for 11th January 2019.

5. The identities of the school staff that made attempts to compromise the autopsy result.

6. The sudden lack of interest and will to properly investigate this matter by the police and why the plea for forgiveness/settlement

7. Over 24hours, the proprietress of the school did not call the mother or return calls after several missed calls to her and the secretary till this day.

8. As at 6th of February 2019, 25days after the passing of baby Michelle, she still received a text message twice from britmax international school to come and pay for child resources for IDPs. Why?

9. Where is the evidence that baby Michelle was taken to the hospital in the first place or just dumped in her cot and I got to know 2:30 hours after her death.

10. Why is the proprietress resisting detention?

It is our hope that if this matter is properly investigated and possibly prosecuted, it will save the lives of other children within the same school and other schools in Nigeria.


I am a mother and I lost my baby. Other children should not have to die like mine.

Mrs Onoja.

Culled From Anwulika E. Udanoh

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Corp member Writes an open Letter to NYSC, demand for his monthly allowance

 Corp member Writes an open Letter to NYSC, demand for his monthly allowance

A corp member serving at Nasarawa State has penned down an open letter to NYSC demanding for his monthly allowance.

He Said the essence of writing the letter is to remind NYSC that the monthly allowance is important for his well-being in the strange he as posted to serve. He also stated that he has lost trust since INEC duped him with no payment after the 2019 General election.

It might interest you to know that INEC paid Corpers for the Traning and Presidential election.

Here's the content of the letter he published

I NS/18C/0752 writes to apply for allowance since it is obvious that you have forgotten that allowee is essential for my well being in this strange land, after INEC duped me, i have been having trust issues, i hope this matter will be treated with immedate effect 
 Corp member Writes an open Letter to NYSC, demand for his monthly allowance

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GTBank finally reacts to Innoson’s takeover

 GTBank finally reacts to Innoson’s takeover

Guaranty Trust Bank says it is finding a way to guarantee that no illicit or fake execution is completed by Innoson engines, with whom it has an arduous court case.

On Friday, Innoson Nigeria Limited had reported that it acquired a writ of Fifa from the Federal High Court in Awka, Anambra State, against GTB to impact the judgment given by the Federal High Court in Ibadan and maintained by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Cornel Osigwe, the Head of Corporate Communication of Innoson, made the declaration, saying: "The Chairman of Innoson Group, Chief Dr. Honest Chukwuma, OFR has through a Writ of FiFa assumed control over Guaranty Trust Bank PLC for and in the interest of Innoson Nigeria Ltd because of the bank's obligation to Innoson Nigeria Ltd. In a milestone choice on February 27th 2019, the Supreme Court of Nigeria expelled GTB's intrigue — SC. 694/2014 — against the judgment of Court of Appeal, Ibadan Division."

"We have taken over GTBank in Awka and Nnewi," Osigwe accordingly declared, including that "different branches are not far off".

Nonetheless, the bank has moved to guarantee its clients of the wellbeing of their assets, clearing up that the said judgment is pertinent to the record of the Nigerian Customs Service Board domiciled with the bank, instead of the bank as a substance.

"The consideration of Guaranty Trust Bank PLC ("the Bank") has been attracted to proclamations circling in the news and web-based life in regard of an indicated authorization of a judgment of the Federal High court, Ibadan, Oyo state, at one of its branches in Anambra state," it said in an announcement on Friday night.

"The Bank as an honest corporate native is finding a way to address this circumstance and guarantee that no illicit or false execution is completed.

"State that the Judgment supposedly in issue is in regard of a Garnishee Proceedings against the record of the Nigerian Customs Service Board domiciled with the Bank and not against the Bank as an element.

"The Bank stays focused on giving top tier client experience to all its esteemed clients."

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Happy Birthday Sinach - Few Things You Need to Know About Her

 Happy Birthday Sinach - Few Things You Need to Know About Her

Happy 46th Birthday to our Number one Gospel singer  Sinach

Few things you need to know about Sinach

Osinachi Joseph (born 30 March 1973) popularly known by the mononym Sinach, is a Nigerian Gospel music singer, songwriter, and senior worship leader at Believers' Loveworld International. She is known globally for several gospels hits songs which include, "Way Maker", "I Know Who I Am", "Great Are You Lord", "Rejoice", "He Did It Again", "Precious Jesus", "The Name of Jesus", "This Is my Season", "Awesome God", "For This", "I Stand Amazed", "Simply Devoted" and "Jesus is Alive".

On the 7th of March 2019, Sinach became the first Gospel singer from Nigeria to record over 100 million views on a single video on Youtube, and the third Nigerian to achieve that feat, next to Davido and Yemi Alade, who achieved the same feat in December, 2018.

She achieved this with her song, WayMaker which was released December 2015 on the music sharing and streaming platform, Youtube.
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Happy 51st birthday to Celine Dion

 Happy 51st birthday to Celine Dion

Happy 51st birthday to soul singer and philanthropist, Celine Dion

Few things you need to know about Celine Dion 

Céline Marie Claudette Dion (born 30 March 1968) is a Canadian singer. Born into a large family from Charlemagne, Quebec, she emerged as a teen star in her homeland with a series of French-language albums during the 1980s.

She first gained international recognition by winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented Switzerland. After learning to speak English, she signed on to Epic Records in the United States.

In 1990, Dion released her debut English-language album, Unison, establishing herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world.

Don't leave without wishing her a happy Happy

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Woman Pours Hot Water On Neighbour For Greeting Her Husband

 Woman Pours Hot Water On Neighbour For Greeting Her Husband

A 33 - year-old woman, Mrs Blessing Christopher is currently in pain after a 37-year-old woman, Mrs. Josephine, poured her hot water for allegedly greeting her husband. gathered that the woman has been arrested after the victim was rushed to hospital treatment.

According to reports, Blessing, a worker with Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), incurred the wrath of Josephine on Tuesday night at Agbotikuyo, Agege area of Lagos. Blessing explained that on Tuesday night, as she was preparing dinner for her family in the kitchen, her neighbour’s husband came into the place and greeted her.

Immediately she replied, the man’s enraged wife jumped out. Blessing said: “I responded to his greeting by saying, ‘welcome sir.’

The wife, who heard us, came out from their apartment and warned me never to greet her husband. She said that if I tried it again, she would deal with me. I asked her when it has become a crime to respond to greetings. She said that I should wait for her. I continued with my cooking.

A few minutes later, I saw her with a pot; she was hurriedly moving towards me. Her husband tried to block me from her, but the woman went behind me and poured hot water on my back.”

Blessing, who was writhing in pain said: “Since she poured hot water on me, I have been in pains. The worst situation is that my husband and I don’t have enough money to pay for my medical treatment. I don’t know what I did to that woman. We don’t even have any issue. We are just four months old in the compound. We later heard that most tenants that had moved out of the compound, left because of the woman’s troublesome nature.”

Blessing said since Josephine poured hot water on her, she had not been able to take care of her twins. The twins are just two years old. Her husband was forced to stop going to work in order to mind the kids. In January, Josephine was alleged to have broken a neighbour’s head during a squabble.

The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Bala Elkana, confirmed the story. Elkana said the suspect had been arrested.
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Twins Share Adorable Photos to Celebrate Birthday In-Addy

 Twins Share Adorable Photos to Celebrate Birthday In-Addy

In the spirit of birthday, Nigeria Twins took to social media to drop Adorable photos that will make you to dream of Having Twins.

Read also: Young burglar display how he entered a house to steal phones on Sunday - Watch Video

Take a good look at the photos below and drop your opinion

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Gay pastor, Chizemdere Ezuma arrested for infecting underage boys with HIV in Lagos

 Gay pastor, Chizemdere Ezuma arrested for infecting underage boys with HIV in Lagos

The founder of Jesus Intervention Household Ministry, Ejigbo, Lagos, Chizemdere Ezuma has been arrested for allegedly sodomising, prostituting and infecting underage boys with HIV virus.

According to The Nation, he was arrested at his residence after an informant notified the police he had resurfaced, three months after he was declared wanted. It was gathered that the suspect climbed his ceiling where he hid for over two hours to evade arrest when detectives stormed his home few days ago.

The suspect was declared wanted after an alleged male prostitute, Prince Chinecherem, was arrested and charged to court after a 16-year-old victim, Anthony Ikem, made revelations that implicated them.
Ikem, who was found sneaking out of the suspect’s home with a polythene bag containing used condoms and other items, was accosted by neighbours and he confessed he was one of several sex partners of the pastor. 

Ikem also confirmed that the Ezuma usually gave them to service some of his male clients including VIPs. The teenager was taken to the hospital for checks and it was discovered he was HIV+.

It was gathered that some residents of the community were worried he was corrupting their male children and initiating them into the club, hence, their keen interest to see that he was arrested and prosecuted.

Findings revealed that Ezuma was moved to the Gender Section at the Police Command Ikeja, yesterday afternoon, following pressure from certain quarters in the division to release him.

In his confessional statement to the police, Ezuma claimed he usually paid the boys N2,000 for sex. Investigation showed that he brought about 15 boys into his apartment where he forcefully penetrated them all through the anus. “The reverend confirmed he is HIV+ and has been receiving treatment for over three years. So, he knew he was HIV positive and still infected his victims and clients with it,” said a source.
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Friday, March 29, 2019

Wife offers kidnappers N9,000 ransom to secure husband’s release in Anambra

 Wife offers kidnappers N9,000 ransom to secure husband’s release in anambra

Three men suspected to be kidnappers have rejected an N9,000 ransom offered them by a poor woman in Okpoko, Ogbaru local government area of Anambra State, in exchange for her husband, Mr. Chikodili.

it was gathered from a source, who claims to be in the know, that the kidnappers broke into the residence of the couple at No. 65 Nwokedi street, and took Chikodili.

The source said Chikodili’s wife, whose name was not immediately ascertained, pleaded for his release, saying she was willing to offer the sum of N9,000 for his release but was turned down by the kidnappers.

“They rejected the money and took her husband away, leaving her crying,” the source said.

Luck, however, ran out on the gang as they took Chikodili to a forest in the hope of keeping him longer and pressing the family to pay a higher ransom when they were rounded up by members of the community’s vigilante.

The leader of the vigilante group, Mr. Okpala Victor, confirmed the incident, saying the suspects have been arrested.

He said the suspects were apprehended inside the bush following a tip-off.

He said, “The vigilante group stormed the bush, freed the victim and arrested the three-man gang, and they have been handed over to the police.

“The Police have assured us they would be charged to court immediately.”

President General of the community, Edwin Emesinwa, who corroborated the arrest, applauded the vigilante for the feat, describing the security outfit as the best in the state.

He said, “Since my assumption of office about a year now the community sleeps with two eyes closed.

“Those saying criminals have taken over the community are the criminals themselves.”

Attempts as at press time to reach the state police command’s public relations officer, SP Haruna Mohammed was unsuccessful, as his telephone line remained unreachable.
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Housewife, daughter kill by Gunmen in Kebbi

  Housewife, daughter kill by Gunmen in Kebbi

The police in Kebbi State is examining the homicide of a housewife and her three-year-old little girl in Dole Kaina town of Dandi local government area of the state.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Nafiu Abubakar, affirmed this while instructions newsmen on Friday in Birnin Kebbi.

As per him, the housewife, Balkisu, 27 and her little girl were discovered dead on Saturday by her better half, Malan Zayyanu, in his home after he returned from an outing.

Abubakar said the housewife and her little girl were found executed when her better half made a trip to Tsamiya town.

He portrayed the episode as shocking, including that the police in state were doing their best to angle out the lawbreakers and convey them to equity.

The PPRO said examination has initiated yet no capture has been made.

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Nigeria Doctors Threaten Strike

 Nigeria Doctors Threaten Strike

Individuals from the Nasarawa State Chapter of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), have taken steps to set out on a 3-day cautioning strike from Sunday midnight over welfare issues.

Dr. Bulus Umaru, Nasarawa State Chairman of NMA revealed this while preparation columnists on Friday in Lafia.

As indicated by him, the affiliation had given the state government enough time to address the requests of the affiliation yet that the state government has been uncaring to the predicament of its individuals.

He recorded a portion of the requests of the relationship to incorporate; high expense, absence of advancement of its individuals since 2012, 22 months back payments of revised compensation structure adding up to over N400 million among others.

The executive clarified that the association had appeared with the administration toward guaranteeing mechanical agreement, however, the legislature had neglected to respond to the endeavors in the administration of general wellbeing in the state.

"In February this year, the administration setup a council to investigate every one of our requests with the perspective on tending to them, however as I address you the board of trustees is yet to be introduced. Accordingly, we are left with no alternative than to talk the language the legislature sees better which is strike.

"For the notice strike which will initiate Sunday midnight, it is just specialists in open medical clinic that will take an interest in the arranged exercise.

"However, in the event that they neglect to do the needful amid this time of the notice strike, specialists in the private segment would likewise join any strike to be pronounced by the affiliation.

The NMA Chairman engaged individuals from the open that it was not the goal of the relationship to picket yet focused on that '"the administration ought to be considered in charge of any passing if the strike is permitted to experience."

Whenever reached, Roseline Kela, the Commissioner for Health, said that the state government was doing everything conceivable to fulfill the needs of the specialists, given their fundamental administrations.

She spoke to the relationship to demonstrate "little persistence" with the state government, including that legislature was getting ready for progress to the following government on May 29.
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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Middle-Aged Man Burn to Death in Cross River

 Middle-Aged Man Burn to Death in Cross River

A middle-aged man has been burnt to death over a theft of motorcycle in Ugep, Yakurr local government area of Cross River State.

The victim was alleged to have murdered a motorcycle owner in Adim in Biase local government area of Cross River, stole his motorcycle and took it to Ugep with a bag of Garri to sell.

The incident occurred in the afternoon of Tuesday when the victim was burnt to death by aggrieved mob that condemned his purported action of murdering another man.

DAILY POST gathered that the victim was said to have attacked a motorbike owner in Adim who is a native of Ugep, stole his bike and found his way to Ugep with a bag of Garri to sell there.

Our correspondent gathered that luck ran out on him as he was apprehended when information got out. He was dragged to the Palace of the Obol Lopon of Ugep, who in turn called for the Police.

Disappointingly, some indigenes and residents of Ugep, who did not allow the Police to take the suspect away from the palace, snatched him from the police and burnt him to death.

An eyewitness, who pleaded that his name should not be mentioned, described the incident as sad, adding that a young man was burnt to death in Ugep for allegedly killing his fellow man while trying to steal his bike.

“The level at which young men proliferate small arms and kill one another in recent times calls for the strictest measures,” he said.

“’This act of jungle justice is condemnable especially at a time when there is a national outcry against it, but in this particular case, I think it’s unavoidable.

“The jungle justice solution seems the best because if such culprits are apprehended and within a few weeks, they are found amongst us. It’s either a politician have made a call or the police as usual has compromised. It’s better we end it this way. Let the burning continue.”

When contacted on phone on Thursday, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Irene Ugbo lamented the incident, saying that the Command had warn severally that members of the public should not take laws into their hands.

“I am surprise that people are still taking laws into their hands. We have warned severally that people should not take laws into their hands, report matters to the police but they refused. However, we are investigating the matter and those involved would be prosecuted,” she added.

Source: Dailypost

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