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NYSC: How to change your PPA to a better place

Are you among those who were posted to a place they don't like? don't worry you are the right place to get the remedy to your issues. Just follow the step I will give below to change your Place of  Primary Assignment.

I will be making this post very short without saying much. In other words, I will be hitting the main point. just pay attention and grab it.

First, all you have to do is to report at your place of primary assignment and beg them to reject you with a good reason. Note, NYSC should not be aware that you were the one that requested for rejection, if not you will be in a hot soup.

This agreement should be between you and the person you submitted your PPA letter. Just explain to the person, we all are humans and the person will understand, that's only if you have a good reason.

Once they hand you over your rejection letter, make sure your reason is stated at the rejection letter. After that, look for a better working place or if you already have one at mind, demand for an acceptance letter from them and head to your Local Government to meet your LGI.

Follow the process provided for those which their PPA rejected them and write your letter. Make sure you attached the acceptance letter from the new organization and the rejection letter from the previous organization and submit.

Check your dashboard once you receive a notification and if luck is on your side, you will post to the new place or NYSC will post you to another place outside your choice.

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