Lady falls sick due to lack of $ex for a long while - True life story

 Lady falls sick due to lack of $ex for a long while - True life story

True life story... please read and drop your advice using the comment box

Safeguard my reputation by hiding my identity while posting this issue for public help. Am a married man, I have a female friend with a 12 yr old boy who she got from a certain man.

Since 10 years plus ago she got disappointed by him so she has never trusted any other man to the extent of sharing love to anybody else.

As per women’s anatomy, she struggles a lot with regular sicknesses from backaches, stomachaches etc. She has gone to different hospitals, from the government to private ones but no remedy.

Long, at last, she has been advised by a gynecologist to have a man to share intimacy with to relieve her illness since she is lacking that in her body.

Even if it means just to sleep with her for one moment, But she doesn’t want to do so out of matrimony. men who approach her are the ones already married, she does not need such rather her own.

How true is this allegations from the doctor? How should I advise her, please? Inform me when posted for help.

I mean she has stayed for more than 10 yrs without doing sex according to her explanation.


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