Okada ban: possible effect in Anambra state - Moses Anene

okada ban: possible effect in Anambra state

 Okada ban: possible effect in Anambra state - Moses Anene

I'm not opposed to the recent ban of Okada in Awka and Onitsha but I'm an advocate for a timely formulation and implementation of any policy that has to do with peoples means of livelihood to avoid creating more problem while solving the existing one!

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My concern is:

-As at this day no single Okada man have had access to the intervention aid by the state government.

-As at today no alternative means of transportation have been made available for the citizenry especially in Awka where the most streets are in a bad condition.

-As at this day, no any form of workshop/Seminar organized for these Okada riders to prepare them for the challenges ahead especially those that cannot afford to raise the minimum amount required by ASBA for one to own a shuttle.

-As at this day awareness creation regarding the yet to manifest challenges/hardship the ban would create is still poor and the religious leaders who remain a very viable tool in this part of the country were not carried along.

-As at this day, most Humanitarian agencies and development partners are not intimated on the program for possible investment hence the state government can only afford just 1000 pieces of shuttle as declared by our Governor. This would have help in creating alternative assistance especially to those that might not meet up with state government terms and conditions.

A Passionate Appeal:

-The MD of ASBA and other government agencies should apply a high sense of sincerity and as well fasting the process of the empowerment to help the families of these Okada riders.

-The Religious Leaders should please identify these Okada riders in their respective church and possibly raise a token for them.

-The MDs of different Micro Finance Banks or Cooperative organizations should invest in this project because government alone cannot meet all our needs.

-Every good spirited individual should please be sensitive at all time and possibly provide financial aid to these sets of people whom for the main time would be out of a job because if not guided a small fraction of them might engage in an unholy activity.

-Our politicians with capacity should channel their empowerment activities to the transportation system of our their state.

Finally, I thank the government on its efforts so far but more still needs to be done and I advise every one of us to improve on our charity work especially now that we have challenges ahead because an injury to one is an injury to all.

Thanks and HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!

Engr Moses Chigozie Anene, writes from Onitsha

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