In marriage or before marriage have these important 10 points in mind


 In marriage or before marriage have these important 10 points in mind

Every married couple should read and imbibe these 10 secrets. Those about to marry should read and understand number 3, 6 & 7 before getting involved.

*To Those Who Are Married And/Or Are Preparing To Get Married Soon*

1. *Anyone You Marry Has A Weakness*
Every rose flower has its own thorn. If you focus too much on your spouse’s weakness, you can’t get the best out of his/her strength.

2. *Anyone You Marry Has A Dark History*
No one is an Angel, therefore, avoid digging one’s past. What matters is the present life of your partner. Old things are passed away. Try to forgive and forget. The past can’t be changed. So Focus on the present and the future!

3. *Every Marriage Has It’s Own Challenges*
Marriage is not a bed of roses. Every shinning marriage has gone through its own test time, hot and excruciating fire. True love is proved in time of challenge. Fight for your marriage! Make up your mind to stay with your spouse in time of needs. Remember this is the vow you made on your wedding day!

4. *Every Marriage Has Different Levels Of Success*
Don’t compare your marriage with anyone! We can never be equal. To avoid marriage stresses, be patient, work hard and with time, your marriage dreams shall come true.

5. To Marry Is To Declare A War
When you marry, you must declare a war and be ready to fight against enemies of marriage. Some of the enemies of marriage are: Intolerance, Ignorance, , Unforgiving, Adultery, Third Party Influence, Stinginess, Stubbornness, Lack Of Love, Rudeness, Wife biting, Laziness, Divorce etc. Be ready to fight to maintain your marriage zone.

6. There Is No Perfect Marriage in this present world
There is no ready made marriage anywhere. Marriage is hard work, volunteer yourself and perfect it daily. Marriage is like a CAR with Gear oil, gear box, back hassles and If these parts are not properly maintained, the car will brake down somewhere along the road and expose the occupant to unhealthy circumstances. – Many of us are careless about our marriage… Are you? If you are, please pay attention to your marriage.

7. You May Not Get The Complete Person You Desire
You may desire a woman who can do some certain thing but unfortunately its otherwise. With your love, tolerance and encouragement, she can improve.

8. To Marry Is To Take A Risk
You cannot predict what will happen after marriage, as situation may change, so, leave a room for adjustment. Pregnancy may not come in the next 4 years. You may get marry to her because she’s slim but she becomes 100% fatter after a child. He may lose his beautiful job for years that you have to take the financial responsibility of the family until he gets a new job. But with God by your side, you will smile at last.

9. Marriage Is Not A Contract, It Is Permanent
Marriage needs total commitment; love is the glue that makes a couple stick together. Divorce starts in the mind. Never think of divorce! Never threaten your spouse with divorce. Choose to remain married! Divorce is not an option.

10. Every Marriage Has A Price To Pay
Marriage is like a bank account. It is the money you deposit into your bank account that you can withdraw. If you don’t deposit love, peace and care into your marriage, you are not a candidate of a blissful home. There is no free love in marriage, You cannot love without giving and sacrificing.

Ngozi Aguono

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