How to influence your PPA posting to a better place

How to influence your PPA posting to a better place

 How to influence your PPA posting to a better place

If you are among the newly mobilized corp members, this article is for you. NYSC Batch B is around the corner and nobody wants his/her place of primary assignment to be a place where you won't earn anything from after the one year of service. Below information is relevant for all prospective corp members who want to influence his or her PPA posting to a better place.


1. Quarter Quard : They are set of people that are trained to mount the quarter quard chamber, which are normally situated immediately after the gate while entering the camp. Once you join this group, believe me, your posting to a better place is guaranteed. They can either be posted to Barracks, Governors office, companies, sometimes they ask all of you to decide where you want just the way they did for us. You also get some stipends during the opening ceremony and Closing Ceremony but not all camp does that.

2. Colla Party: They are the flag bearer, they are not more than 6-7 in number. If you find yourself in the group...  You have upper chance to get good PPA

3. OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service): They are in charge of broadcasting news within the camp and also responsible for coordinating night parties

4. Platoon Exco: If you are fortunate to be part of your platoon exco and you are well known by your platoon officer, you can influence your posting, though normally, the excos are all entitled to a good PPA.

5. Camp Band: Either you know how to drum or not, you can join this group. Joining them can also help in your posting.

6. Red Cross Team: Walahi, these people they enjoy, especially when you on duty, you won't participate in the parade activities, yours is just to carry those that collapse on the parade ground and also assist the nurses at the camp clinic. If you know your way, you get be posted to a better place.

8. Theatre Art Troop: They have slots few of their members. This work out especially state that has many Villages like Sokoto, Taraba, Kastina, Kebbi etc. but if you join them and you are being shortlisted, you will be posted to town.

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wish you all a successful service year

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