Check Out Five Lies They Tell You About Phone, Laptop Batteries

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 Five Lies They Tell You About Phone, Laptop Batteries

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Spend your time and read the whole article and you will discover lies most phone and laptop dealer has spread all these years.

1. Don’t leave your phone plugged in overnight.

Tthat’s a lie. It is not the end of the world if you don’t unplug your phone the second that it is charged. The modern charger is smarter than we think. As a matter of fact, leaving your phone on the charger all night or all day is even far better for your battery than running it down and charging it up.

Hear the expert: “All batteries work by having two electrodes—an anode and a cathode—with a bunch of a material called electrolyte between. When you plug a battery into a completed circuit, a chemical reaction starts taking place at the anode and electrons start building up over there. Those electrons want to travel to the cathode, where it’s less crowded, but the electrolyte between these two parts keeps the electrons from taking the short way there. The only way through is the circuit that the battery is crammed into, and those electrons power your device in the process.”

2. Run down before charge, charge fully before use Crap!

Lithium-ion batteries don’t even respond well to being charged all the way up and then run all the way down. They take much better to little bits of charge here and there.

3. Unplug your laptop when fully charged

Your gadgets don’t get overcharged and so is your laptop. Most laptops are smart enough to cut the battery out of the charging equation entirely once it’s full. The battery just sits there patiently until you need it or until it needs another little shock to top it off.

4. Don’t remove your laptop battery while working

Apart from running the risk of a shutdown in the case of a power outage or clumsiness with the power adapter, the healthier way for the laptop battery is to remove it while working in a stuffy environment. Heat is what affects the battery and not overcharge.

The lithium-ion batteries in the modern-day gadgets, from iPhones to laptops to Bluetooth headphones to tablets, are different from NiMH and other rechargeable batteries that came before.

Li-ions can pack a lot of power into a small size and they don’t lose too much of that energy to leakage when they’re not in use. It’s a combination of these factors that make them great for your portable gadgets.

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