Young yahoo boy curses EFCC on Facebook (photos)

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Young yahoo boy curses EFCC on Facebook

A young Nigerian internet fraudster has taken to one of his social media handles to call out officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The boy who was identified as Ola Gee on Facebook, decided to rain curses on them so they can stop the arrest of internet fraudsters. He added that, the arrest should not be made because some yahoo boys have not made their millions yet.

Ola Gee on Sunday, May 27, took to his Facebook profile to share pictures of him and at the same time rained curses on Nigerian government.

He wrotes:

“I want to be a successful hustler and I want to pray for every hustler like me EFCC will not carry us ooo we never collect 30 million EFCC they carry boy all around now God punish them they no go carry the snake that swallow 36 million or the monkey that carry 70 million god punish EFCC I want to ask something from GOD I no Is going to do it for I want god to just kill how precedent and how governor because what they are trying to do they want trouble for yahoo boy because when they carry us we ho face them back I dey go say kill there self-boys are not free now a days why police we carry them EFCC is there xars is there what should we do guys please comment on this why is this happening please government please leave us alone or are you going to give us work ni.

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