Homosexual Muslim Cleric (Imam) sets To Open Mosque For Gays in Australia

  Homosexual Muslim Cleric (Imam) sets To Open Mosque For Gays in Australia

Australia's only openly gay Imam is pushing for the country's first Lesbian and Gay-friendly mosque that would also act as a safe house and counselling centre.

Nur Warsame said he is dealing with an "avalanche of misery" among LGBTI Muslims who have no support services or safe spaces.

Imam Nur is a devout Muslim who once led one of Melbourne's largest mosques. When he came out as gay in 2010 the Muslim clergy severed ties with him, despite his rare credentials as a hafiz — someone who has memorised the Koran.

He has since become an increasingly vocal advocate for the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-Sexual Muslims, despite receiving ongoing death threats.

He said he gets daily calls for help from young Muslims struggling with fierce and, at times, violent resistance from their family and community.

"One of the most essential things that our young people need is safe, affordable housing. For young people to transition safely they cannot be in the environment that is causing them the trauma," he said.

"I had seven people housed at my one-bedroom apartment ... because it was life or death for them. They had to leave [their family home] that day, then and there," he said.

Imam Nur is currently in talks with philanthropists in a bid to secure a building in Melbourne's inner city. He has been working closely with Victoria Police to ensure the mosque and safe house is in a secure location.

He said the building he would like to move into has a roof shaped "like the dome of a mosque".

"Inside, that circle thing looks like a mihrab, which is where the Imam stands to pray," he said.

"It is central, it is very close to a lot of the services I recommend people to: Prahran Market Clinic, which is a medical centre for Lesbian and Gay people, the hospital is just up the road, the police station is also down the road."

According to surveys by the Pew Research Institute, acceptance of homosexuality is growing amongst many Muslims in the West who feel that Islam is more conducive for homosexuality than other religions.

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