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Important of POS-UTME Past questions

Past question is very important to any student who wants to gain admission into his or her respective university of choice. Why did I say so?

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Please pay attention and read this article and you will smile at the end. It’s obvious that many university no longer have news question to ask in post Utme exams, instead they dwell on the past questions to draft the new question.

Schools can only ask new question during the screening exams when there is a trend in the country.  I’m saying these based on experienced I had during schools days and believe when I say it’s happening in most Nigerian universities. We witnessed such in Ebonyi state university when a lecturer asked the students the dates to which Chiboks girls were kidnapped by the boko harams.

Same thing happened this year when a lecturer in University of Lagos used the current dancing steps “shaku shaku” to ask his student question on their semester exam. Out of current events, most school management dwells on past question to set exams. All the management need to do is to change the English and format to which the question was set initial to another format and English but it’s still communicating the same thing thereafter.

So why not go out there to your respectively school and pick past question and study. Believe me when I say that 80% of the questions that you will see on that deal day will be from the past question you have studied.

I guess by now you’re bingeing to understand why you have to grab a past question. Check out the subject combination that you are required to answer question from and make plans on how to obtain the past question.

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Note, most school doesn’t set questions base on subjects combination, instead they set general question which will comprise English language, maths and other education related questions. The reasons behind this are to test your ability of reasoning and understanding and to know how far you have developed your brain during your secondary school.

All you have to do is to visit Your School of choice, obtain the past question and study it without looking at the answers. Try as much as possible to memories the questions and answers. This will help you to answer the question very fast without thinking much assuming the question happened to appear on the exam day.

Finally, we advised all students to stay far away from fraudsters.  Remember Noting like JAMB upgrade and sure ways of gaining admission without Post-Utme.

Please stay away from sites that ask you to pay money in other to obtain past question from them. We advise that you should go to your school of choice and obtain the hard copy of the past question. This will help you to get the real past question and not formulated questions from people just to make money from desperate students.

Don’t believe all that you see on Google, always visit a reliable site for accurate information. Feel free to drop other opinions and information if you have any.

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