Bobrisky Finally Reveals Official Date For His Wedding - Check Here

Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky, has revealed he is finally tying the knot

- The famous cross dresser shared the big announcement on his Snapchat

- The wedding with his mysterious bae is set to hold on May 20

All that years of sticking with bae appears to have paid off for bleaching cream expert and famous Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky. The male barbie's financial status changed the moment he met his mysterious bae. While he lets his fans know who is responsible for his upkeep, the identity of bae has been hidden for a long time.

Just recently, the Snapchat king revealed he will be tying the knot and is planning to look like a pretty bride when they take things to the next level and become officially married.

Bobrisky shared the big announcement on his Snapchat, saying: "I am sorry guys Bobrisky is getting married on Sunday this is just between I and bae, wait for your bride on Sunday."

Bobrisky announces wedding date Source: Snapchat, Bobrisky 

From the get-go, Bobrisky has always made it known that his bae is male. If the wedding which is slated for May 20 is to hold in Nigeria, it will be against the laws of the country that clearly states homosexuals will be locked in jail for 14 years, if caught.

However, his fans are happy that he has found the one for him and is ready to settle down and begin a new journey with the person he loves.

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