List Of Mikel Obi House In Nigeria, Locations, Worth - Photos

Do you want to know how Mikel Obi house looks like and how many mansions he has in his native country? This is an extremely successful and rich Nigerian football player. So do not doubt that his houses are luxurious. Find out the more detailed info below.

World fame and cooperation with Chelsea club helped John Mikel Obi accumulate a solid net worth and spend it on improving his living conditions. He has earnings not only from sports activities. Obi has signed favorable endorsements worth more than $25 million. Every year his incomes increase so that a football player can please himself with new elements of luxury.

It seems that Mikel does not belong to the category of people who earn money to keep it on a bank account. This man lives a full life and enjoys the results of his work.

John Mikel Obi investment interest is also quite noticeable. In particular, the football player invests money in the real estate market. He has 6 houses now. 4 of them are located on the territory of Nigeria. 2 others are situated in China and Surrey. He bought them to work with Tianjin TEDA and for his family.

Let’s talk about each Mikel Obi houses in Nigeria in more detail.


It would be strange enough if a football star of such magnitude had no real estate in one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. So this choice is completely understandable and justified. The price of houses in Lagos grows every year. So if Obi wants to sell his house, he will get a good profit.

Do you also want to settle in Lagos? Prepare for the fact that Mikel Obi can become your neighbor. Great prospect! This is really a big city for big people.


Many interesting and important events also happen in the capital of Nigeria. Not everyone can afford to buy property here. But we are talking about Mikel Obi. He easily coped with this task.

Abuja is one of the most densely populated and picturesque cities in Nigeria. Having a home here brings not only benefits but also a great pleasure.

When Mikel comes here, he always can enjoy a delightful view, be aware of the political life of the country. There were reports that he visited the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

If you also want to meet with the high-ranked officials and get aesthetic pleasure during walks along the streets, Abuja is the best place for this.


Jos is a less densely populated city. However, it may seem an advantage to some people. Obi can come to this residence if he gets tired of the noise and bustle of large cities.

Jos is the capital of Plateau State. There is all infrastructure required for a comfortable and pleasant life here. Also, the tourism is well developed in Plateau State. So it’s no surprise that Mikel chose this place.


Each lover of beauty and tranquility would not refuse a home in Lekki if he had the slightest opportunity to acquire it. Lekki is located on the territory of Lagos State and is almost completely surrounded by water. All previous property is situated in areas with the tropical climate. However, this house can be called the most suitable for peaceful holidays.

We hope that it was interesting for you to find out about the property of the talented footballer. You may watch the inside John Obi Mikel’s house video to get a better idea of the conditions in which he lives.

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