I Just Found Out That I Am My Husband’s Side Chick ─ Nigeria Lady Cries Out

Hello editor, please keep me annonymous.

My husband and I got married early 2014 although we have no child yet and I feel that this has put a strain on our relationship. Early this year my husband started complaining bitterly about wanting his own kid.

He made me feel like I am a stumbling block to that dream. We have been going for series of tests and treatment and the doctors are optimistic that even without IVF, I would conceive normally.

I noticed that my husband has changed a lot. He comes home whenever he likes and does not care about me any more. I had a strong feeling he was cheating on me but I have no proof. I got the shocking call of my life from my mother inlaw yesterday evening telling me to prepare for the coming of my husband,his new wife and their baby. That it was my choice if I want to continue living there or go back to my parents house. All these harsh words on the phone without compassion.

I’m so torn right now. Please pray for me everyone,I don’t know if I can bear all these by myself.

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