"Blood Sister, Unforgettable Classic" By Dumas


Facebook user known as Dumas, yesterday pen down moral lessons on an aged Nollywood movie titled "BLOOD SISTER".

The social activist who took his time to narrate all the characters of the movie said “ Blood Sisters ” exhibits the effects of jealousy and it ’ s pathway to self-destruction in a fascinating way. It is a traditional African movie with a stellar tale and well- defined characters

According to Dumas, "Watching blood sister right now and asking myself why Nollywood isn't like it was anymore. Blood sisters one of the best Nollywood movie of all time.

Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola will always be icons in Nollywood,their immense contributions are unparalleled. I think I like this movie cause of its deep rooted social message.

“ Blood Sisters ” exhibits the effects of jealousy and it ’ s pathway to self-destruction in a fascinating way. Blood sister is a traditional African movie with a stellar tale and well- defined characters. It's a captivating story that’s told in a rural village that was run by its elders and where old traditions were still in effect .

Each character had a specific place in the story which, allowed it to flow well At the core of the story was good versus evil. Gloria and Esther were sisters that grew up in the village. Their mother was widowed and was left the job of raising them without a father.

They were poor and their mother’ s goal was for them to get a good education . Gloria (Omotola J . Ekeinde) was the oldest, and the more fair- skinned of the two, and when it came to men, she got the most attention . Esther (Genevieve Nnaji) couldn’t stand it and it burned her up inside.

Although Gloria remained humble , Esther was underhandedly trying to ruin her life. Esther often told lies that got Gloria into trouble and she manipulated Gloria ’ s boyfriend into breaking up with her . Gloria was aware of the jealousy but didn't realize the depth of it.

Ten years later, it was all in the past for Gloria but Esther had not changed . Gloria was married and living in Lagos with her two children when Esther came to stay with them while she searched for a job in the city . While Esther lived in the house , she witnessed the loving relationship between Gloria and her husband, Ken (Tony Umez ).

To Esther, Gloria had it all – a husband, two children, a new car , and she didn't have to work . This sent Esther seething and irrational behavior followed . Esther continued to pretend she was happy for Gloria until the afternoon she fed Gloria poisoned fruit . After being rushed to the hospital, Gloria died a few days later.

The family was aware that food poisoning was the cause of death but they didn't know it was deliberate. After Gloria ’ s death, Esther comforted Ken and even cooked for him. It wasn't long before she manipulated him into bed and became pregnant . Ken seemed to be under her spell to the point where he did whatever she said and even neglected his kids.

But Gloria roamed the earth in spirit and as she watched over her children she haunted Esther and stripped her of any happiness and ended up committing suicide like the biblical Judas we're all reliving today. I really like the storyline cause it addressed lots, self esteem, jealousy etc.

We live in a society that light skin people are considered more beautiful,if you're dark no matter how attractively you look you'll always be in the shadow of your light skin friend or sibling. What’ s noteworthy is that the two sisters were both pretty women.

While it’ s true that some men flock to lighter skinned women, jealousy blinded Esther to her own beauty . Had she shared in Gloria's happiness, God would have blessed her with her own joy.

Anyway I don't understand the people that call Genevieve overrated, at her peak she undoubtedly was one of the best and greatest talent Nollywood ever produced, if u doubt so watch her older movies,

Her performance on "Blood sisters" is Truly PHENOMENAL............ She embodied the spirit of a RUTHLESS soul......When I was younger I never liked her cause I actually thought she was ruthless".

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