Questions Set on 15th March JAMB UTME

Here is a thread for candidates who participated in the exam March 15th, 2018 to share some of the questions they came across during the examination.

Please note that the purpose is to create a forum for deliberations and finding solutions to the questions since they can now be termed JAMB past questions.

If you can remember any questions you wish to share, maybe because you would like to find out the correct answer to the question and put your mind at rest, please share here.

If you are having doubts about a particular question and it's correct answer or if you just want to help better prepare others who are yet to write (Remember, the questions won't be repeated, according to JAMB), please feel free to share it here also.

This thread is specifically to share actual questions that came out on 15th March. Don't go around posting list of several past questions you copied somewhere on the internet or the so called JAMB expo flying around social media.

Please make sure the questions you post are credible and actually from  JAMB exam. Do not forget that the purpose for this is for other to collectively learn.

If you can remember only 3 or 4 questions, that's enough, comment it below. We appreciate.

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