Parents Give Out Their 14-Yr-Old Daughter In Marriage To Her Rapist In Abuja

Parents give out their 14-yr-old daughter in marriage to her rapist in Abuja. according to Anty Fatii who took to twitter to tweet on the event said,

I am angry right now. Yesterday, I heard disturbing news that a fifty something years old Imam raped a 14 years old, accepted that he raped her and bragged that nothing will happen to him. When I spoke with the mother around 5.0 clock yesterday, She was crying and asking for justice, that she needs help. I called people and we tried to fix an early appointment for her. I was told that it's now a family issue and the parents have given their consent for the Imam to marry their daughter! A 14 years old girl and that's because she is pregnant. I tried to explain that she is a minor and that it is illegal for her to get married. I tried to explain that rape has psychological effects but it all fell on deaf hears. Her parents do not want everyone talking about her. Same thing happened once in Akoko-Edo LGA of Edo State when I was there for conference. The family wants justice this minute and there next minute they're smiling with the perpetrator's parents because they've settled them with a certain amount of money.

Check out the tweets below:

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